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About Us

'The Battery Supplier' Is Everyone's Battery Supplier! We are one of United States main distributors, carrying anything named BATTERIES,like alkaline, heavy duty, hearing aid, silver oxide, coin cell, NiCD, NiMH, and lithium photo batteries. In addition, we have replacement batteries for everything including cordless phones, watches, CMoS computes, cameras, calculators and much much more...

Our customers include government, medical Industries, corporate and OEM. Email us for larger quantities and we will meet or beat any price!!

Our Service:

The Battery Supplier's #1 priority is CUSTOMER SERVICE. We are always available to assist you. We are proud to have millions of satisfied customers with satsfied experience,and that is what makes them come back to us. We are always on the lookout to see what we can enhance,so that our customers acheive their ultimate satisfaction!

Furthermore, we always stock everything from retail to wholesale ready to be shipped for Free! Our quality service and discounted prices will definitely turn your shopping experinence into a memorable one.


Our customers include government, medical, corporate and OEM. Email us for larger quantities and we will meet or beat any price!!


Legal Disclaimer: While we work to ensure that product information is correct, on occasion manufacturers may alter their packaging. All our batteries are brand new even though actual packaging may vary due to ever changing packaging. Photos or data may be outdated and /or not accurate.It is for illustration purposes only. For actual up to date photos please contact us.We are not the manufacturers nor guarantee any warranty given by the manufacturers. Feel free to contact us for any product warranty. As a service to get the best pricing to our customers, bulk items are the most economical. Please note all our bulk products are brand new, fresh, and packed in hassle free packaging. Bulk items may not be covered by manufacturer's warranty. We guarantee and stand by all our products with a 100% customer's satisfaction policy and money back guarantee. Origin of batteries may vary. Batteries are made in different locations in the world such as the usa, indonisia ,china, japan ,etc. Since manufacturers may change the place of manufacturing without prior notice ,we cannot guarantee a certain place of manufacturing.

Price disclaimer:Since the constant price fluctuation worldwide from manufactures and suppliers, due to recent covid world circumstances, We reserve the right to cancel/void any orders due to price increase.