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1,500 pack Energizer 9v ultimate lithium(LA522) (U9VL)


Product Description

1500 Energizer L522 Ultimate Lithium 9V Battery

Revamped Version of Advanced Lithium Batteries

Bulk Packaging

These brand-new batteries are a revamped version of the older kinds of Advanced Lithium batteries from Energizer. These cells are now known as Ultimate Lithium. Their voltage is 9V, and their chemistry is lithium. They are a primary battery, as opposed to a rechargeable. 9V batteries are commonly used in smoke detectors, so they have an important and a valuable function around the home.

Energizer Ultimate Lithium 9V batteries are long-lasting -- at nearly 10 years of shelf life, whether or not they are in certain devices. Now your child's toys can go further on their batteries, and so, be more efficient – Ultimate Lithium batteries can hold onto their power and energy levels for up to 20% longer than another 9V that Energizer manufactures -- the Max. Tired of cumbersome 9Vs? Well, the Ultimate Lithium is at least 1/4 lighter than a typical 9V alkaline primary battery. Energizer has built these batteries tough -- with an anti-leak structure that ensures the user much security when handling them, as well as when they are fitted into various devices that are compatible with 9V batteries. Ultimate Lithium cells have another attractive feature, too -- they're able to operate in both high and low temperatures: from -40°F to 140°F. You'll be wanting some of these batteries for your smoke detectors, etc., so be sure to stock up!

About the Product:

  • Energizer innovation delivers up to 10-year battery backup in AC-powered smoke detectors Are long-lasting -- nearly 10 years of shelf life Lasts up to 20% longer in toys versus Energizer MAX batteries
  • Weighs 1/4 less than standard alkaline
  • Performs in extreme temperatures from -40°F to 140°F
  • Leak-resistant construction
  • Now known as Ultimate Lithium; replaces Advanced Lithium 9V
  • Voltage is 9V
  • Chemistry is lithium primary
  • Hold onto power and energy levels up to 20% longer than Energizer Max
  • Anti-leak structure ensures user much security when handling them, as well as when they are fitted into various devices

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